Claire Pullinger

YouTube Marketing Specialist

Hi...I am Claire Pullinger.

I am a Youtube Marketing Specialist, a Mom and a Global Citizen who is concerned about preserving heritage and spreading awareness. But I was not always like this.

In all fairness, I could call myself a small-town person courtesy of having hailed from a quaint and sleepy Italian commune named Asso. Nestled in the north-west province of Lombardy, our town boasts of all the goodness that the province is renowned for, namely a rich tradition, verdant greenery and abundance of flora and fauna. As a child my only exposure to city was when we visited Milan as a family and even that was quite limited. For me, life was as predictable as it could be – a circle of friends that lasted all through school and college, known faces of the townsfolk and spending my days in charted territory.

Admittedly the first major milestone in my life occurred soon after I celebrated by 25th birthday. A friend suggested that it was time to step out of the cocoon and see the world and what could be a better way than to take up a course in an American university? Being two of a kind, my friend and I gained admission in the New Jersey City University to pursue arts. USA was a big change from life back home and although I missed Asso, the diverse social fabric and independence of thought had me truly fascinated. It was during my course that I met my husband and soon it was time for wedding bells to ring. Time just flew and here I am – a homemaker, a mother of three adorable kids and an online marketer.

So how did I end up being an online marketer? Surely it is aspect of my life that was never planned but one that turned out as being indispensible all the same. I had reached a stage in my life wherein I had to stay at home courtesy of my countless domestic responsibilities while my husband went out to work. Initially the plan sounded good but eventually the charm wore off and monotony set in. Once again it was friendship to the rescue wherein the concept of online marketing was explained by one of my friends. As I explored the subject further, various aspects came to fore all of which seemed equally interesting and engaging.

Among all forms of online marketing it was YouTube that truly appealed to me owing to the visual content involved and it is a relationship that has endured over the past few years. Of course, I had to go through the learning phase as well wherein I realized that it is important for the YouTube videos to be optimized, include only good-quality content and use tracking tools to judge the metrics. Over a period of time I also realized that placement of video on the first page of the website also made a tremendous difference to your income.

YouTube marketing has enabled me to connect with people all over the world because videos are relatively easier to find on the Internet as compared to written content. Owing to their visual aspect, videos are also more attractive and hence are more likely to get the message across not to mention enticing a reaction. And a bit of extra income that is generated is always welcome around the house, especially if it enables you to pursue your interest like I do as a member of Club Treni Brianza. 

If you wish to make a mark for yourself without compromising on your responsibilities, do consider the option of YouTube marketing. Do check some of my articles that throw light on this aspect of online marketing and are meant to serve as guidelines for newcomers in the field.  

YouTube SEO

Video is an important marketing medium especially in today’s day and age, something that is evident from the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It also enjoys a very high authority score on Google which is why the first page of any given search query usually features several YouTube videos. 


YouTube Advertising

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become the largest video sharing website in the world. It is used by over a billion people in the world and roughly 6 billion hours of video content are watched by its users. Therefore, it is easy to see why businesses are investing ever increasing sums of money on YouTube advertising.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the most powerful online content marketing platforms in this contemporary era. Naturally there are dozens of very useful tools for content marketing on YouTube, each with its own set of benefits and pitfalls. The one-size-fits-all mantra does not work with any kind of net-based marketing. 


YouTube Analytics

YouTube now has over a billion users which is roughly one-third of the total number of people with Internet access across the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise that even small businesses are investing substantial amounts of capital in creating videos and promoting ad content in order to increase sales and reach out to a wider audience.